Forklift Battery

Caring for Your Idle Forklift Battery

Many customers who have reduced their workforce or temporarily closed facilities are leaving their forklifts and batteries idle. The purpose of this letter is to provide instructions to maintain batteries that will be idle or out of service for more than three weeks.
To prevent damage and reduced cycle life, batteries must be fully charged prior to extended idle periods. A small amount of additional care is required to ensure each battery achieves maximum life. Due to the differences in construction of Vented Lead‐Acid VLA/Flooded batteries and NexSys Thin Plate Pure Lead/TPPL batteries, separate instructions are required.

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Bolster Your Battery Life

Battery maintenance is an important factor in prolonging the life of your industrial battery and Barclay has a few easy tips to make maintenance just a little bit easier. 
Proper battery maintenance programs should include inspection, charging and fluid levels and safety precautions. These factors can be easily overlooked, but are essential in keeping your industrial battery in its best working condition.

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