For any material handling operation to be successful, safety must be the number one priority. Yet time and space constraints often prompt warehouses and plants to create narrower aisles and taller pallet racks to store more product, significantly upping the risk of workplace accidents and injuries.

That’s why these businesses need comprehensive warehouse pallet racking protection systems. To teach you more about these safeguards, New Jersey-based Barclay Brand Ferdon outlines the types of solutions that will help maximize your gains by enhancing the safety of your workplace.

Preventing Lift-Truck Impact

With a lot of material to move and limited time to do it, warehouse and plant workers may feel the need to operate their forklifts and other equipment at higher speeds throughout the day. But with faster speeds comes a greater risk of colliding with the pallet racking or even other employees. Luckily, your business can maintain a significant level of speed while reducing any accompanying risk with the following forms of warehouse racking protection.

End-of-Aisle Guardrails

End-of-aisle guardrails are durable structures positioned close to the ground that hug the ends of your product racking. With them in place, your products can remain secure – even if a piece of material handling equipment veers slightly off its course. Plus, their smart design still allows for easy product access so your operations keep running without a hitch. 

Rack Post Protection

If a forklift or other piece of equipment were to ram into a pallet racking post, not only might your products become damaged, but surrounding employees could become seriously injured by falling objects. That’s why durable rack post protectors should be put in place. These devices safely absorb the force of impacts without causing harm to products or employees.

Back-of-Rack Guards

Should a forklift accidentally bump into a rack, a back-of-rack guard can prevent products from falling and harming any employees who are working below. Often made from wire mesh, these guards keep your inventory visible, allowing your daily operations to continue running efficiently and safely.

Floor-Angle Guides

Floor-angle guides are an effective option and ideal for warehouse or plant floors that feature narrow product aisles and tall racks. Available in bright colors, these guides steer equipment operators away from critical rack supports without hindering their important material handling duties.

State-of-the-Art Solutions

At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we recommend that all of our clients implement effective warehouse racking protection strategies in their respective facilities. That’s why we partner with Cogan, a producer of state-of-the-art safety equipment for industrial workplaces, to furnish our clients’ facilities with guards, guides, and more. We also provide pallet racking solutions for clients who want to make the most of their space without limiting their productivity levels.

Garner Success through Safety

When your employees can work confidently and safely on the floor, their productivity levels aren’t the only things that can increase. They’ll also develop a greater trust in you, paving the way for higher employee morale, an enhanced quality of job performance, and more – all thanks to your investment in warehouse racking protection equipment.

Since 1996, we’ve been helping clients throughout NJ and New York protect their material handling investments while maximizing their productivity levels. To learn how Barclay Brand Ferdon can transform your warehouse or plant into a safer workplace, contact us to request a free quote.