Emissions test on a forklift
A brutal winter has sent shivers around the country and in New Jersey it’s not over yet. Cold weather and biting winds whistling through the warehouse environment may cause employees to batten down the hatches by closing normal venting outlets such as doors, windows and skylights. It opens the possibility of carbon monoxide (CO) levels rising to an unsafe level. Carbon monoxide, a colorless and odorless gas, is a by-product of all internal combustion engines. In this scenario, it’s time to have a Barclay technician check your emission levels and, if necessary, perform a tune up.

Keeping your equipment properly tuned and maintained will not only keep your employees safer, it helps by making sure you are getting the most efficient use of fuel, thereby lowering your fuel costs. Tune-ups typically consist of changing the spark plugs, making sure the timing is proper and changing air filters.

There is a better way to become safer, more efficient, greener and save money. Have you considered converting to electric? Yale electric lift trucks have narrowed the perceived gaps between LPG and electric. With today’s AC motor technology, electric lift trucks are able to perform side-by-side with ICE trucks in many applications.

Electric models made for indoor use improve air quality, making it no longer necessary to worry about venting air to combat CO emissions. This is good for your employees and the environment, as well as cutting down on heating and cooling costs. When you remove fuel costs from your budget, electric makes even more sense over the life cycle of your lift truck. In many cases, electric lift trucks can access areas that have been off limits to your LPG lift truck. Maybe it’s time to take a hard look at how converting to electric can help you attain healthier employees, as well as a healthier bottom line.

Contact Barclay today to have your emissions checked and to see how you can convert your LPG’s to electrics.