Purchasing a lift truck isn’t the right path for every warehouse, every time. In some cases it makes more sense to invest in owned forklifts, but often times, businesses find that renting can make better financial sense. If you’re in need of reliable lift trucks for your fleet but aren’t sure whether to buy or rent, Barclay Brand Ferdon shares some insights into how to make the best decision for your business.

Forward-Thinking Flexibility

When choosing the right lift trucks, you are selecting a specific model and specifications that suit a unique working environment that exists in your operation currently. That environment can change over time, and while today you might need an electric fleet optimized for order picking in standard aisles, the future could bring tighter spaces, a need for automated lift trucks as well as a demand for newer technologies.

Renting affords the flexibility you need to adapt as your business grows. If you need to quickly scale up production, rentals let you make rapid changes without over-extending your budget or investing in equipment that could be less useful in a year or two. And with new features added with every model year, renting provides access to the latest technology without replacing owned equipment. 

More Control over Your Fleet

If you’re concerned that rented equipment might limit your options, think again. From short-term solutions for the busy season to longer-term leases that can be tailored to the flexibility you need, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers versatile rental options. And for businesses with unpredictable peaks and slowdowns or highly seasonal work, the Power Advantage Option provides another great reason to lease. Customers who choose this option will pay only for the hours the lift truck is in use, resulting in reduced costs and improved cash flow thanks to a lease that mirrors your operational cycles.

Expand Your Fleet Today

To decide if you should rent or buy lift trucks and to learn more about which models might best serve your needs, contact the Barclay Brand Ferdon team. We’ll help you get set up with the right trucks for your facilities and the features needed to get the job done.