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In order to be in compliance with the OSHA General Duty Clause and ANSI standards, aerial platform inspections must be performed annually.

Section 6.7 of the ANSI Manual of Responsibilities reads as follows:


The owner of an aerial platform shall ensure that an annual inspection is performed on the aerial platform no later than 13 months from the date of the prior annual inspection. The inspection shall be performed by a person(s) qualified as a mechanic on the specific make and model of the aerial platform. The inspection shall include all items specified by the manufacturer for an annual inspection. 

Getting your aerial platforms inspected annually isn’t the only rule, ANSI also requires that these inspection records be kept on file for four years with the following information: 

  • Name and address of the purchaser of each aerial platform by serial number and date of delivery;
  • Written records of the frequent and annual inspections and repairs performed. The record shall include deficiencies found, corrective action accomplished and identification of the person(s) performing the inspection and repairs.
  • Written records of repairs accomplished and identification of the person(s) performing the repairs

A simple sticker on your aerial platform keeps track of inspection dates. Is your sticker missing? Is it time for your next inspection? Barclay can help! Contact us today for assistance with all of your inspection and maintenance needs.