Sellick STM Forklift Maneuvering Curb

For a commercial business to succeed, you’ll not only need to offer quality products but also have the means to transport them to your customers safely and efficiently. When this second task arises, many businesses opt to hire outside assistance, increasing costs and limiting flexibility and convenience. Those companies who choose to maintain their own fleet of delivery trucks then need to deal with how the product is unloaded at the customer’s location or jobsite. Delivering loads where equipment is not readily available and terrain may not be easily maneuverable provides a challenge. But an ideal solution is to attain a truck-mounted forklift so staff can load and unload goods wherever and whenever they need to. To help you learn more about this material handling solution, Barclay Brand Ferdon explores the logistics of truck-mounted forklifts.

What Are Truck-Mounted Forklifts?

Simply put, truck-mounted forklifts prioritize your convenience above all else. Whether you need to move pallets of cement, long lumber, heavy stone products, or other material, these forklifts are designed to travel wherever you need them to get the job done. Plus, they mount onto the exterior of flatbeds and trucks, freeing up interior vehicle space so you can move the maximum amount of product with each job.

Types of Truck-Mounted Forklifts

There are three main types of truck-mounted forklifts, each loaded with unique features:

  • Conventional three-wheel drive: Offers three-wheel drive for simple handling over different terrain, load-bearing capacities ranging from 5,500 to 7,000 pounds, and lift up to 12 feet
  • Pantograph-reach (mast) equipped: An integral pantograph scissor mechanism allows for easy unloading of product from one side
  • Four-way multidirectional: Allows an operator to handle long loads in tight areas by offering four-way movement

Who Needs Truck-Mounted Forklifts?

If your business involves any type of building or landscape materials, construction, or a similar service, then having a mobile forklift at your disposal can be crucial for swift delivery schedules and customer satisfaction. More specifically, a truck-mounted forklift can be beneficial for businesses like sod farms, nurseries, landscapers, irrigation, lumber yards, pavers, and many more.

Having your own truck-mounted forklift can save time, effort, and capital. Rather than paying for material handling assistance and waiting for it to arrive, a mobile forklift provides you with the flexibility to make deliveries on your time. Plus, since you’ll be better able to service your customers, they’ll likely experience a surge of gratitude for you as well.

How To Choose A Truck-Mounted Forklift?

Sellick STM Pantagraph Version

When looking for the right truck-mounted forklift, you’ll want to select one that offers up-to-date amenities and long bearing life. The Sellick 2020 STM Truck-Mounted Forklift fits this description, boasting both a life-enhancing design and frequent digital reminders about operation and maintenance.

The Sellick 2020 STM also offers several more features, including:

  • Bearing access cover
  • 30% larger PM access
  • Environmental covers
  • Labeled grease points
  • Revised stabilizer design
Sellick STM Items Mounted on Trailer

Aside from the 2020 STM, another ideal option offered by Sellick is the JCB Teletruk Forklift. With lift capacities of 6,000 and 7,000 pounds, this truck can move more product in less time. Other key features of the Teletruk include:

  • Extended forward reach
  • Telescopic boom design
  • Hydrostatic transmission
  • 111° carriage
  • Load moment indicator
  • Comfortable, secure operator’s enclosure
  • And more

By prioritizing user safety and optimizing user convenience, each of these truck-mounted forklifts from Sellick can help you transform your business into one that is both efficient and economical.

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