Barclay Helps You Spot Safety

When it comes to operating heavy-duty equipment such as terminal tractors (yard spotters), operator training is the key to ensuring safety, which is why Barclay offers Basic “Terminal Tractor” Operator Training.
Beginning with the basics is the first step in ensuring that operators fully understand the equipment prior to actually operating it. Terminal tractors are considered “Powered Industrial Trucks” by OSHA, making the training a requirement to operate the heavy-duty equipment.

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TICO Yard Spotters – New Product Announcement

We are very pleased to announce that Barclay has entered into an agreement with Terminal Investment Corporation to service and sell TICO Yard Spotters (terminal tractors) in the New Jersey, New York and Eastern Pennsylvania markets.
“What is most exciting to us about this product”, says Skip Russo, President & CEO of Barclay, “is that TICO decided to design and build their equipment based on years of using and maintaining other competitive brands – they have the competitive edge.”  “They understand firsthand what happens when terminal tractors leave the production line and face the realities of day to day operations.”

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