Move More Air With MacroAir Fans

Visualizing airflow is nearly impossible, but MacroAir has created a video to show how their HVLS fans use floor jet circulation to de-stratify air to evenly distribute it throughout a warehouse space.
When it comes to efficient warehouse cooling, MacroAir Fans do the most in keeping your warehouse cooled to maximum efficiency by working with your already existing ventilation system by evenly mixing air to regulate temperature.

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A FANtastic Way To Handle The Heat

Summer is in full swing and escaping the constant heat has been a struggle, especially in warehouse environments. Handle the heat in a more effective way with one of Barclay’s MacroAir Fans. Studies have shown that heat stress can impact output and employee health, as well as causing a strain on equipment. Our industrial fans have air circulation down to a science, aerodynamics to be exact.

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