Introducing the New GC050LX & GP050LX Lift Trucks

We’ve taken all the best things about Yale® trucks and streamlined them to create the newest additions to the Yale line of lift trucks: the GC050LX and the GP050LX. They’re moderate-duty lift trucks with everything you want from Yale trucks—smart design, solid construction and reliable performance, just to name a few. We aren’t adding the extras that you don’t need, leaving you precisely the right truck for the right application.
Chances are, you’re just using your lift truck for a few hours a day, so why pay for more truck than you need? We’ve optimized the components of the GC/GP050LX to be the right match for your specific job, making them an ideal truck for applications like these:

 General Warehousing & Distribution
 Light Manufacturing
 Beverage Distribution & Bottling
 Government & Services

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