Barclay Offers Tips For Tire Maintenance & Replacement

Tire maintenance and replacement are crucial when it comes to providing a safe work environment and maintaining efficiency. Barclay has tire maintenance down to a science and has a few tips to help you identify when your tires need replacing.
Press-on tires should be replaced when 50% of the rubber is gone. These types of tires are made of solid rubber attached to a steel band, so when the tire is worn down so are its functions.

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Flag Waving Replacement Tires For All Forklift Brands

Worn tires cost your company money in the life-cycle of your equipment. In fact, downtime from a forklift tire failure or repair necessitated by tire failure usually costs more money than the tire itself.   Don’t risk injury to employees or damage to your equipment. Replace worn industrial tires and increase safety and productivity.

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