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If you are using electric pallet jacks on your delivery trucks, technology just made your job a little easier. Yale’s all new Trailer Auxiliary Power System (TAPS) is designed to improve your delivery truck efficiency.

How Does TAPS Work?

TAPS converts DC power from the tractor to AC power in the trailer. This allows the pallet jack to be plugged into an AC power receptacle within the trailer and be charged from its onboard charger. Talk about optimizing productivity!

This system operates while the tractor is running, so it doesn’t drain its battery, keeping the pallet jacks’ batteries at a full charge. This new technology provides opportunity-charging capability between deliveries. TAPS nearly eliminates the need for nightly removal of the pallet jack from the delivery truck for charging. This allows for faster delivery loads and helps reduce physical stress on delivery drivers.

If pallet jacks are charging on the delivery truck, there is no need to remove them, giving you more floor space to maximize efficiency in your warehouse. It utilizes a smart inverter with control module that protects truck batteries which provides more charging opportunities, so you will never end up in a dead truck battery situation again.  It also ensures that the drivers are not searching at delivery locations for a walkie to use or completing the deliver manually.

Contact Barclay For TAPS Kits

Our TAPS kit contains all the items you need in just an easy 2-hour installation process. It is a perfect companion product for Yale’s new Lithium Ion Technology in our MPB045VG.

Help improve your fleet’s efficiency by adding the TAPS to your delivery fleet. To learn more about how to improve your deliveries using TAPS, contact Barclay today.