How to Maintain Your Electric Pallet Jack

Electric pallet jacks can streamline the hauling and lifting of materials for warehouse applications. With the right maintenance efforts, you can keep your equipment in top working condition for longer. 

Here’s what you need to know about the maintenance of electric pallet trucks. 

Daily Maintenance for Your Electric Pallet Jack

Operators should perform daily visual inspections to identify signs of wear and tear that could potentially impact the equipment’s performance. Check out the following before getting started each day:

  • Forks: Inspect the forks and look for wear and damage, such as chipping paint. Take note of any bending or buckling on the forks. These are telltale signs of improper operation and can negatively impact performance. 
  • Mobility: Test the equipment to see if there are any abnormal sounds or malfunctions when the pallet jack moves front to back and side to side. 
  • Battery: Inspect the battery and its condition to ensure it is not damaged and holds its charge. Replace it promptly when it starts showing signs of wear or age. 

Monthly Maintenance for Your Electric Pallet Jack

In addition to daily maintenance efforts, operators should also tend to electric pallet jacks on a monthly basis. 

Regular lubrication is essential for pallet trucks. Operators must grease the wheels and axles at least once a month. You should also prioritize cleaning your pallet jacks regularly to remove dirt and grime whenever you notice buildup.

Proper storage is another crucial part of weekly and monthly maintenance. Be sure your electric pallet jacks are kept in secure environments. The equipment and batteries do best in cool, dry spaces. 

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