When deciding on which lift truck service provider to call, be careful not to let cheap hourly labor rates blind you. Opting for lower rates may appear to be the cheapest route, but it’ll cost you in the long run. As they say, you get what you pay for. The next time your lift truck breaks down or needs maintenance, call on the experts at Barclay Brand Ferdon.

Cheap Service Isn’t So Cheap After All

Would you choose a low hourly service rate if it meant higher overall costs and exposure to liability risks for your company? Understand the “true” cost of that “cheap” hourly service rate and the other factors you should consider.

Reduced Repair Times

By using Factory Technicians that undergo continuous training and testing, you have the best opportunity to reduce time of repair. A technician who knows the equipment and is trained in diagnostics can make a big difference in repair costs. Consider this: A 20% difference in hourly rate for a 3 hour repair that takes 4 hours will cost you more, not less.

Equipment Downtime

An OEM lift truck service provider that invests in technologies and parts inventories can offer better response time, high fill rate on parts availability, OEM quality parts and proper Operational Maintenance to prevent breakdowns. Lost productivity due to equipment downtime can be costly.

“Right Size” Your Fleet

Excessive equipment and the potentially corresponding labor is extremely costly!! The cost of just (1) additional “underutilized” truck can be huge. A responsible Materials Handling Service provider should offer you continuous analysis and management reporting to prevent overspending and inefficiencies.

Stay In Control

A true partner helps you understand your “total” Fleet Maintenance Expense and will guide you to emerging technologies that may help reduce costs over the long run. 

Reduce Your Risk

A Service Technician will spend time within your operation and alongside your employees. Accidents can happen. Reduce your risk by selecting a partner with adequate, responsible liability Insurance Coverage. You will be surprised by what that low hourly rate doesn’t cover.

Improve Safety & Reduce Product Damage

A good Service provider also provides on-going OSHA Operator Safety Training programs and thorough Equipment Safety Inspections. Many companies do not perform all that the manufacturer requires during a regular operation maintenance interval. 

Protect Your Investment

A lift truck is a big investment, choosing the right Service Provider and Maintenance Plan is essential in protecting that investment as well as assuring the lowest overall cost over the life of the equipment.

To learn more about maintenance programs at Barclay, contact a representative today.