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When operating heavy machinery, you need to be sure that everything is operating as the manufacturer intended. This is to ensure the safety of both the operator and those working with and around them. A defective or malfunctioning forklift very quickly becomes the biggest safety hazard in your facility, so you must address and schedule maintenance for it. While there are no definitive mandates on how frequently a forklift should be serviced, there are intervals that many in the industry adhere to in terms of regularly scheduled maintenance. Barclay Brand Ferdon has serviced forklifts for decades, and here, we share our insights on forklift service frequency so that you can keep your operators and employees safe.

Scheduling Maintenance at Hourly Intervals

Scheduled maintenance should be standard practice for any facility that utilizes a forklift. OSHA 1910.178(q)(1) states that “any power-operated industrial truck not in safe operating condition shall be removed from service. All repairs shall be made by authorized personnel”. However, no baseline is provided here, which is why the industry has gradually arrived at a set of intervals based on hours used, including:

At 200 Hours

  • Replace air, fuel, and oil filters
  • Oil change
  • Grease chassis and mast components
  • Inspect breaks
  • Test electrical systems
  • Check overhead guard for damage
  • Service engine bay

At 500 Hours

  • All tasks for 200 hours
  • Check/replace the antifreeze
  • Check/replace sparkplugs

At 600 Hours

  • All tasks for 200 and 500 hours
  • Replace hydraulic oil and filter
  • Check/replace brake fluids
  • Clean the radiator
  • Inspect hydraulic system for damaged components
  • Adjust chassis links, clutch release bearing, mast support bushing, and tilt cylinder pins

Respond Quickly to Service Emergencies

Regularly scheduled maintenance is a necessity when owning and operating forklifts, and it’s done with frequency to increase the longevity of your equipment. However, accidents happen and often they happen when we least expect it, making them entirely unavoidable. It is involved in an accident or is suddenly damaged, it should be stored immediately and a qualified technician should be consulted. As inconvenient as it can be, working near and operating a damaged forklift creates unnecessary hazards and should be avoided entirely.

Forklift Service and Maintenance in the NJ and NY Area

Your business relies on the efficacy of your equipment, and when it starts to break down, your business suffers. With a planned out servicing schedule, you can avoid any unnecessary maintenance issues, and reduce the chance of a major break. What’s more, keeping your forklifts on a consistent servicing schedule is an easy way to maintain predictable maintenance costs, as well as extend the lifespan of your forklifts. At Barclay Brand Ferdon, we offer comprehensive planned forklift maintenance and inspection services to help you reap these benefits of regular forklift service. Contact us today to learn more.