Yale Pallet Jack

With a host of efficiencies for manufacturers and retailers alike, Direct Store Delivery (DSD) has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to supply stores with their products.  By bypassing retail distribution centers, suppliers can speed delivery times for perishable or high demand products and gain more control over merchandise replenishment and displays at the retail level.   Direct Store Delivery has been adopted by food, beverage, personal care as well as many different service supply industries.

The one challenge that DSD strategy poses for truck drivers is the availability of necessary equipment to unload product from trailer into store.  Reliance on store owned equipment is not ideal for quick and efficient unloading and poses challenges to meeting a full day of truck deliveries in a timely fashion.

Always keeping a finger on the pulse of customer needs, Yale responded to the growth of DSD with electric pallet jacks equipped with an industry exclusive “Direct Store Delivery Package”, a set of features optimized specifically for the demands of a DSD distribution strategy.  Learn more about what the Direct Store Delivery Package can offer with this overview from Barclay Brand Ferdon.

What Makes DSD Pallet Jacks Unique

In addition to the standard features of motorized Yale pallet jacks, the DSD models come outfitted with the following:

  • Exclusive handle design to give operators complete control over the pallet jack
  • Movable load bracket and single-fork configuration to accommodate loads of various shapes and sizes
  • Load retention strap to secure each load, making it ideal for items that require special handling
  • One-hand throttle activation that enables excellent visibility and allows operators to work closer to the truck
  • Mid-mount steer handle and creep speed functionality for use in narrow aisles and tight spaces while moving and delivering products

Fully optimized for the needs of delivery truck drivers, these pallet jacks support fast loading and unloading and energy efficiency and offer a rugged, flexible design built for the productivity mindset essential to DSD operations.

The Advanced Performance Power System

The Direct Store Delivery package for Yale pallet jacks is a product of innovation boasting a host of award-winning features.  As an industry first, we’re seeing  a UL-recognized, factory-installed lithium-ion battery used to power a pallet truck—as opposed to the conventional lead acid battery configuration.

This is significant, because lithium-ion batteries are much more energy efficient and easier to maintain. There are no spills, fumes or cleaning necessary for a lithium-ion battery, which means less oversight and more productivity.

Streamline DSD Operations Today

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