Big Bertha Yale Forklift

Barclay is looking for the oldest Yale in New Jersey and New York and we need your help finding it!

Age is just a number when it comes to Yale’s dependability and durability. Just take this 46-year-old Yale Model G51C100CF/S forklift. Built in 1968 and affectionately named Big Bertha, this forklift was bought “used” 41 years ago by GEA Mechanical, with five years of use already under its belt.

Big Bertha has surpassed the current typical three to seven year replacement cycle, blowing it out of the water. She has also sailed past the excellent “useful” life expectancy of 15 years or reliable service of 20 years in light duty applications. After 46 years of service, Bertha has finally earned herself a well-deserved retirement this year.

Can you beat Big Bertha’s age with your oldest Yale?

Joining Barclay in the search for the oldest Yale is a simple as checking your fleet and taking a photo.

If you think you own the oldest Yale in New Jersey or New York, here’s how to participate:

  1. Find an old Yale & snap a photo

  2. Post your picture to our Barclay Facebook page by December 20, 2014

  3. Check back on December 22, 2014 to see the winner!

Join the fun and keep an eye out for the Oldest Yale Contest winner!