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Productivity is a constant priority for Plant & Warehouse Managers which makes it a priority for us here at Barclay. While we can’t help with audits and staffing, we can provide products that help people move more efficiently.  One of those products is the powered material handling cart.

What are Powered Material Handling Carts?

Powered material handling carts are useful for moving people and products longer distances throughout a large warehouse or plant facility. The carts are electrically powered and can move up to 4 mph allowing employees to move materials safely and easily around the facility.  The carts are highly maneuverable allowing operators to access areas that other equipment can’t.  They can be used for up to 16 – 20 hours per day and are charged in a standard 110v outlet.

Powered carts can be simply a personnel mover or can feature a platform in the back to hold materials.

What Are The Benefits Of Material Handing Carts?

Material handling carts offer a wide range of benefits for a wide range of customers.

Productivity Boost

Not only do motorized carts allow workers to transport more materials at one time, they help to conserve energy and promote safety. If people are hauling heavy boxes and equipment around the warehouse, they’re bound to feel the strain. In fact, moving materials by hand is a big reason why employees go on to file workers’ comp claims.  The cart enables employees to cover more ground without feeling fatigued.

Even simple tasks, like taking out trash bins or transporting packing supplies, can be made quicker and easier with a powered material handling cart.  It is a great mode of transport for Quality Control or Maintenance personnel.

Convenient to Use

Using a motorized cart versus a manually operated cart not only can shorten the time to complete tasks, they offer simple convenience.  Stand up models with back rests make it quick and efficient to hop on and get to work.  The back rest is padded for comfort. The steering and controls are simple to use.  To recharge the cart, you simply plug into a wall outlet.  And with a host of customizable options like a strobe light or tablet holder, you can easily accommodate the specific needs of your plant.

Consider a Powered Material Handling Cart

Want to learn more about how powered material handling carts can work in your facility?  Contact Barclay at 908-223-8580 for details.