Barclay would like to remind our customers of our FREE pick-up of all scrap equipment for recycling. We will pick up and dispose of your old industrial forklift batteries and equipment absolutely FREE!

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We’re Charged Up About Battery Recycling

As a material handling dealer we recognize our own obligation to lead the way to make recycling easier for our customers. It’s everyone’s responsibly, and that’s why Barclay has partnered with EnerSys® to make recycling easier. Did you know that recycling centers are able to recover 96% of  lead and plastic from lead-acid batteries, and that between 60-80% of “new” lead-acid batteries can account from the reclaimed materials? This is good for business and good for the environment. So remember once your battery is purchased, it’s the owner who is liable for its proper disposal. Barclay makes it easy! Giving you complete recycling documentation including Recycling Certificates. So rest assured that you are in full compliance with every changing EPA, DOT and other regulations. Click here to learn more about the battery recycling process and how you can do your part.
Barclay and our partner EnerSys® make recycling easy! To schedule a pick-up, please call 800-248-9253 today!