Industrial Forklift Battery & Charging Solutions

EnerSys Batteries & Chargers

Barclay is proud of our partnership with EnerSys.  Barclay & Enersys Technicians work closely to ensure battery and charger service is second to none. This will ensure that we keep your business operating at full power starting from day one! View the EnerSys Product Line.

Battery Watering Systems & Devices

To make your new or existing forklift battery virtually maintenance free, we recommend installing an automatic battery watering system and water level indicator light.
The benefits are:

  • orange_bullet2 Weekly watering takes just one to two minutes.
  • orange_bullet2 No user contact with the battery or vent caps.
  • orange_bullet2 No safety equipment required (such as eye wash systems and protective gear).
  • orange_bullet2 Narrow aisle trucks do not require removal of the battery for watering.
  • orange_bullet2 Accidental overfilling, acid overflow and corrosion are eliminated.
  • orange_bullet2 Achieve the maximum number of cycles and productivity.
  • orange_bullet2 Optional water level indicator light further reduces maintenance and allows operators and management to easily monitor battery water levels at a glance.

Battery Charging Safety Accessories

Battery charging operations deal with some common hazards, such as burns and back injuries. But fortunately, there are many simple precautions that can be taken to combat these dangers.

The importance of safety cannot be overstated when handling an industrial battery. There are numerous safety procedures and guidelines to be followed. It is critical to be prepared for any accident. Every battery room should be equipped with the proper safety equipment. All employees should be trained to respond properly to all possible circumstances.

We offer a BATTERY HANDLING Training to teach your employees on the proper techniques of handling batteries, and what to do incase of an accident. Please contact us to learn more about this training.

Quick Charge Technology Solutions

The faster, safer, smarter charger that will eliminate your battery room & the problems that come with it.  Quick charge technology (sometimes called fast charge) is based on the simple idea that you can return 80% of the energy into a battery over 6 hours for a standard charger, 2-4 hours for an opportunity charger and 1-2 hours for a fast charger. So if you have lunch breaks and time between shifts to plug in your forklift, you can return close to the same amount of energy back to the battery as you take out through working your electric forklift.

This, however, creates new challenges for the battery.  Transferring energy causes heat. The higher the transfer rate, the higher the heat. And heat can bake a battery. With the newest charging technology, including high frequency chargers, the control systems are very sophisticated and allow for the management of the heat build up in the battery reducing the possibility of harming the battery.  Alternative charging technology requires a professional (free) study to determine which charging technology is best applied to a warehouse operation.

To request a free analysis, please contact us today.