Keeping your forklift engine properly tuned and maintained improves performance and can reduce harmful emissions. It also leads to the more efficient use of fuel and fuel cost savings.

Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, offers material handling and warehouse equipment sales and rentals, plus parts and service. We proudly serve the maintenance needs of clients in Northern and Central New Jersey and parts of New York, including Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties.

Forklift Engine Tune-Up

To improve your forklift engine, we suggest changing the spark plugs and air filters regularly and maintaining proper ignition and engine timing. Failure to maintain these three items negatively affects your forklift’s performance and can dramatically increase emissions, which is harmful to the environment.

  • Worn-out and damaged spark plugs can cause misfires, poor fuel economy, and idle roughness.
  • Dirty air filters make your forklift work harder and can lead to decreased fuel efficiency, sluggish acceleration and slowed performance.
  • Improper ignition timing can cause ignition system misfires and contribute to decreased engine power and performance, increased gas consumption and unburned fuel.

Other Engine & Forklift Maintenance

To perform a full maintenance check on your internal combustion engine and other vital parts of your forklift, we also suggest you do the following:

  • Change the oil by draining old oil, installing a new filter and refilling with new oil.
  • Inspect the induction system.
  • Clean all valves, including the PVC valve.
  • Inspect all belts.
  • Check the cooling system.
  • Check transmission, hydraulic and brake fluids and top off, if required.
  • Check the master cylinder.
  • Adjust linkages on the clutch, inching pedal and parking brake.
  • Lube all the linkage on the U joint, battery bracket pivot, side panel, hood hinges, lift and tilt levers and accelerator.

Do your part to go green and keep your lift truck running at its full potential, schedule a tune-up with Barclay Brand Ferdon today! If your lift truck sees regular use, it’s also a good idea to have one of our fully trained technicians inspect it every 250 hours of operation. Our fleet of fully-equipped road service vehicles can handle most of your maintenance needs in the field or at your location, which shortens your downtime and increases your productivity. We also offer 24-hour emergency parts delivery when you need parts fast. Contact us at 908-223-8580 for all your forklift maintenance needs!


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