The metal forks on your lift trucks aren’t indestructible. Like any other machine part, they will eventually wear out. Forks, also called tines or blades, are a critical part of the everyday operation of your lift trucks and they’re often overlooked and under-inspected.

Forks are subjected to shock loadings, stresses, and strains, so it’s vital to regularly inspect them and replace worn or damaged forks immediately. Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, offers material handling and warehouse equipment rentals and sales, and we can help with all your equipment service and parts needs.

How Does Fork Wear and Damage Occur?

Regular use causes forks to crack, bend or wear down. Fork damage often occurs due to:

  • Accidents
  • Application environment
  • Improper chain adjustments
  • Improper operation of the truck
  • Normal wear
  • Overloading beyond rated load capacity
  • Tire wear

Lift Truck Fork Regulations

Safety standards for low and high lift trucks are issued through the American National Standards Institute/Industrial Truck Standards Development Foundation. According to ANSI/ITSDF B-56.1-2005 under 6.2.8 Inspection & Repair of Forks in Service on Fork Lift Trucks, forks must be inspected at least every 12 months.

Forks should be discarded or appropriately repaired and the forklift should not be operated if any fork shows any of the following defects:

  • Blade or shank wear
  • Crooked or bent blade or shank
  • Crooked or bent fork angle from blade to shank
  • Height difference between fork tips
  • Illegible fork marking
  • Malfunctioning positioning lock
  • Surface cracks
  • Wear to fork hooks

Order Fork Replacements

We perform annual inspections and other support services for lift trucks and other material handling equipment. We also carry an array of replacement forks and have fork heel protectors available that help prevent lift truck fork damage. We proudly serve Central and Northern New Jersey and several New York areas, including Rockland, Orange, Ulster and Sullivan counties. For fork replacement orders, contact us at 908-223-8580 to ask about our Fork Inspection Kits, place orders or schedule service today!


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