The hydraulic system on your forklift is responsible for the lifting capability and capacity of the lift truck. Neglecting your forklift’s hydraulic system can be a costly mistake!

Inadequate preventative maintenance not only leads to costly breakdowns and repairs, it also compromises worker, equipment, and load safety. Standard Planned Maintenance programs often don’t include comprehensive hydraulic system service. At Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, we offer to ensure your hydraulic system and every part of your forklift are covered!

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Hydraulic System Leaks

FACT: the average hydraulic system failure in your lift truck can cost $1,800 or more!

The number one cause of hydraulic leaks in material handling equipment is attributed to contamination. After 2,000 hours, hydraulic filtration effectiveness can begin to decrease, which increases the potential for hydraulic contamination. Hydraulic oil contamination can lead to poor equipment performance and costly repairs of your hydraulic system.

Recommended Hydraulic System Service

The operating pressures of hydraulic systems reach as high as 10,000 psi. When hydraulic fluid is under pressure, the following dangers may be encountered.

Pinholes: Allow fluid to escape and can be virtually invisible, yet cause serious injury. Never touch or approach any part of a pressurized hydraulic system. Even when no pain is felt, fluid that punctures the skin can cause serious emergencies and require medical attention.

Leaks: Make workplace floors slippery and dangerous and often lead to slip and fall injuries.

Bursts: Occur due to improper selection or damage and can cause serious injury. A ruptured hose can cause workers to be burned, cut or injected.

Coupling Blow-Offs: Occur when an assembly isn’t properly made or installed and can hit or spray a worker, resulting in serious injury.

Hydraulic system maintenance reduces risks and improves safety. A Comprehensive Hydraulic System Service should include:

  • Complete Hydraulic fluid change (recommended every 4,000 hours)
  • Hydraulic filter change (recommended every 2,000 hours)
  • Inspection of all hydraulic cylinders for leaks
  • Premature pushrod wear inspection
  • Inspection of all hydraulic seals and packings for dry rot and cracking

Schedule Forklift Hydraulic System Maintenance

Barclay Brand Ferdon offers forklift support for all brands including forklift hydraulic repair, service, and maintenance programs. Visit our service page to better understand how to care for your forklift's hydraulic system and extend the life of your equipment. Contact us at 908-223-8580 to schedule forklift service or discuss any of your material handling and warehouse equipment needs today!


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