ERP32-40UXT Yale

  • User-friendly design
  • Reliable performance
  • Easy to maintain
  • Models: ERP32-40UXT
  • Capacity: 3200-4000lbs
  • Load Weight: 4000lbs
  • Max Lift Height: 121.4
  • Environment: Indoor
  • Power: Electric
  • Primary Task: Lifting and Stacking, Towing
  • Beverage
  • Chemicals & Plastics
  • Logistics
Versatile lift truck with strong performance and no emissions

The Yale® ERP32-40UXT is an electric counterbalanced forklift that provides versatility for various tasks in occasional use operations. A tight turning radius allows for easier navigation through narrow aisles and tight spaces while its pneumatic tires make it suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications across many different industries.

Equipment Type
3 Wheel Electric Forklift Trucks

The ergonomically designed operator compartment combines a simple, automotive-style layout with convenient, easy-to-use features that promote comfort, familiarity and greater levels of productivity.

  • Convenient step height helps make getting on or off the truck easy
  • Adjustable, full suspension seat and steering column optimize comfort
  • Simple display for quick access to vital truck information
  • Wide mast window helps increase operator awareness
  • Ergonomically designed hand brake helps reduce fatigue

High-quality components and proven technology delivers reliable performance and helps increase productivity, all within a cost-effective package.

  •  Utilizes proven AC technology for precise truck controllability
  • Compatible with both traditional flooded lead acid and Thin Plate Pure Lead (TPPL) batteries to help configure the truck to the application
  • Selectable performance modes to match application requirements
  • Hydraulic power steering minimizes steer effort and “kick-back” for precise positioning
  • Maintenance free oil-immersed brakes and regenerative braking system for smooth traction

 Minimize service time and maintenance costs with quick access to key components and affordable replacement parts.

  • Brushless AC traction and hydraulic motors help reduce maintenance cost
  • Easy access to the drivetrain helps minimize service time
  • Removable cover provides convenient access to controller assembly mounted inside the counterweight
  • No computer-based diagnostics required, helping keep service tasks and troubleshooting simple
  • Fast access to cost-effective replacement parts help keep trucks moving