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3 Wheel Electric Forklifts For Central And North New Jersey

Switching to electric forklifts will save an average of $5,200 in fuel costs per forklift. Going electric can also reduce your carbon footprint which will resulting in a healthier, more productive work environment. Your warehouse, distribution center, shipping center, or storage facility demands dependable equipment from a trusted manufacturer. Strategically located in South Plainfield, NJ, Barclay Brand Ferdon proudly offers Yale advanced electric forklifts, one of the most trusted brands in the material handling equipment industry today.

Our Electric Forklifts

Yale electric forklifts offer the most comprehensive solution for any warehouse. The Yale solution is ideal for your operation if you are seeking to reduce spending while meeting productivity goals and key performance indicators. Yale is one of the oldest forklift manufacturers in the world. They bring more than 100 years of operational experience and advanced technology to every model.

It has been proven that electric forklifts offer the same performance as LP fuel forklifts at lower costs. Their efficiency makes them ideal for high-demand, multi-shift operations. They are engineered and suited for use in all temperatures to accommodate a wide variety of environments, including cold storage.