Robotic Tow Tractor Yale

  • The robotic navigation laser maps routes and guides the truck throughout the facility
  • Curtain laser detects above ground level obstacles and stops the truck when interrupted
  • Pedestrian awareness light provides an additional visual notification that the truck is in motion
  • User interface touch screen allows workers to dispatch the truck or assist in locating virtual paths when necessary
  • Visual and audio warning indicators alert workers and pedestrians that the truck is coming or if an issue arises
  • Emergency stop buttons stops the truck when activated



The Robotic Tow Tractor offers an autonomous solution specifically for long, repetitive tasks such as milk runs and garbage hauls with a 15,000 pound capacity rating. Tasks that typically lead to higher operator turnover, you can now retain talent by automating these mundane repetitive tasks and promote your skilled operators to more engaging, value-added tasks.

  • Less than 2 years of two to three shift operations
  • Runs with zero, partial or full integration with facility warehouse management systems (WMS)
  • Has the ability to take on small tasks and expand as operational requirements grow
  • Allows people to focus on value added tasks, and robotic lift trucks on repetitive, low value added tasks
Equipment Type
Forklifts / Robotic Forklifts