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amigo material handling cart

Moving materials in the plant or warehouse by hand is the number one source of workers comp claims and added costs for US companies today. Not every material requires the use of an expensive asset like a forklift truck in order to move, but employing powered materials handling equipment, such as electric pallet jacks, is a positive step towards reducing injuries and claims. With that in mind, Barclay has the ideal equipment to suggest for your materials handling needs.

The Amigo Material Handling Cart is a simple to use powered industrial cart that can enhance safety and improve productivity in your operation. The Amigo is an affordable and versatile cart that can perform as a people mover, material handler or detachable manual platform truck. Whatever applications you intend to use it for, the Amigo Material Handling Cart will perform with efficiency and effectiveness.

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dex pro material handling cart

Amigo DexPro Material Handling Cart

The DexPro features a 30” wide deck, allowing it to move down narrow aisles with ease. Its capacity allows it to handle loads of up to 750 pounds, and its deck is fully detachable thanks to a quick-release handle, making it easy to get the deck to where it is needed quickly.

Simple Facts

  • Product is made in Michigan. Standard products ship in 2 weeks
  • Top speed is 4MPH
  • Products fit through a standard 36” wide doorway
  • Weight capacity is 1100LBS
  • Charge with standard wall outlet

Barclay is pleased to be the distributor for the Amigo product line in New Jersey & New York. Order your Amigo Material Handling Cart by contacting Barclay today.