Loading docks can be chaotic, busy places. That’s probably why it’s the most common place for accidents to occur. Barclay can help not only bring some order to your New Jersey and New York loading docks with the proper equipment, but – and more importantly – reduce the risk of accidents. It’s important to keep your docks maintained and we can help with that, too.


Let’s Get Level

Not all trucks are created equal and it’s up to you to make sure the height of your dock matches the height of the truck. That’s where dock levelers come in. When there’s space between the truck and the dock, the chances of forklift mishaps and people falling becomes higher. At Barclay, we can help you choose the best dock levelers for your operation.

Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Dock doors are wide open invitations for all kinds of things – besides your product – to come in, including bad weather, bugs, dust and critters. Even when the dock doors are closed, if they don’t seal properly, you are still inviting the environment outside in – leading to higher energy bills, infiltrated product and employee allergies. Easy to maintain and install, dock doors will protect your resources.

There’s the Door

Barclay carries a complete line of door systems to meet your every need, including high speed doors, impact doors, strip curtains, insect doors, fire doors, cold storage doors and other specialty products. We also have an online inventory of other dock products, including lifts, in-plant lift tables, vertical reciprocating conveyors and more. Click here to browse our online inventory.


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