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As your partner in uptime, Barclay knows that forklift tire failure may end up resulting in more downtime and expense than the cost of the actual tire itself. As a no-cost service to our partners, Barclay offers the Forklift Tire Survey and Inspection Program. Joining is simple and free and enables you to become proactive in promoting uptime.

Our Tire Survey and Inspection Program will:

Inventory your equipment, tire sizes and report the current condition of your tires.

  • Allow us to recommend alternatives and special products that will help you avoid flats or unnecessary down time.
  • Allow you to better schedule tire changes based on usage.
  • And – it’s all FREE – we offer this service, merely for the privilege of providing your industrial forklift tire needs. It’s our way of saying thank you for being our customer.

To get more information about our tire programs, contact us today.

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