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Proper equipment maintenance is perhaps the single most important thing you can do to ensure efficiency and safety for any operator using your forklift. While daily inspections are a great way to keep your lifts running smoothly, what happens when you encounter an issue with a flat or damaged tire? As with any tire, you can expect the usual wear and tear associated with day-to-day use, but occasionally, a forklift tire may become unrecoverable. When that happens, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a no-cost tire replacement program for our partners in Northern New Jersey, Ocean County, and select areas of New York.

When Is it Time to Repair/Replace My Forklift Tires?

As with any automated vehicle, the tires play a vital part in guaranteeing the safe operation of your forklift. One of the best ways to track the efficiency of your tires is to check the indicator located within one of the treads. When the overall height of the tire is level with the marker, it’s time to replace the tire.

Additionally, if you’re going to replace one tire, you should replace both on the same end. Pairing one new tire with an older one can cause uneven wearing of the new tire, which will require another replacement soon after.

Tire Care Tips

Whether you’ve just had your forklift tires serviced or are about to schedule an appointment, here are some useful tips that should extend the longevity of your tires:

  • Avoid overloading, which causes rubber separation, cutting, chipping, and tire blowouts.
  • Avoid excessive speeds that exceed a solid tire’s capacity to prevent premature tire failure.
  • Keep floors clean, clear, and in good repair. Sharp objects, chemicals, and damaged surfaces can directly affect tire life.
  • Check axle alignment and steering to ensure even tread wear.
  • Mount tires centered on wheels to avoid premature tire failure and potential safety hazards.

Our Tire Inspection and Replacement Service

Deciding who gets to service your forklift is no small decision. However, Barclay Brand Ferdon offers a no-cost tire survey and replacement designed to increase the uptime of our partners’ machinery and decrease the chances of a flat or blowout. As a partner of Barclay Brand Ferdon, here’s what our program can do for you:

  • Allow you to better schedule tire changes based on usage
  • Keep an inventory of your equipment and tire sizes
  • Report the current condition of your tires
  • Allow us to recommend alternatives and special products that will help you avoid flats or unnecessary downtime

When your equipment is maintained on a consistent schedule, you can reduce its downtime, which translates to greater performance for prolonged periods. Taking care of your forklift is also a step toward a safer work environment for your operators and employees.

Contact Us for More Information

Scheduling regular forklift tire maintenance is simple yet effective, and with the no-cost tire program offered by Barclay Brand Ferdon, there’s no reason our partners shouldn’t make it part of their maintenance routine. For more information about our tire program in North Jersey, Ocean County, and New York or how to become a partner, contact us today.

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