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Warehouse Automation With Robotic Lift Trucks

The percentage of companies not thinking about or incorporating warehouse automation is only 17%. If you are in that small percentage, you risk losing a competitive advantage. Automating warehouse applications just makes sense in a climate where skilled workers are becoming harder to find, pressure is mounting to operate in a cleaner, safer environment and companies are learning to do more with less money and less space.

Investing in automation such as robotics shows a huge ROI – particularly for operations that run more than one shift per 24-hour period. In these cases, the ROI is often less than two years. Yale® Robotic Lift Trucks automate repetitive tasks, enhance safety, improve efficiency and lower costs.

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Download the ROI of Robotics

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Yale Baylo robotic forklifts reduce costs

Robotics Reduce Operating Costs By 70%

As more baby boomers are retiring, their knowledge and skills are going with them. Now is the time to automate repetitive tasks and free up the workers you do have to apply their skills to more value-added work. With Yale® Robotic Lift Trucks, you can do just that while enhancing safety, improving efficiencies and lowering costs.

Have you heard of cobotics? You can maximize productivity when you have the right resources in the right places, for example, people performing more intensive tasks with machines working next to them performing the repetitive tasks. Robotic lift trucks can reduce operating costs by up to 70% by improving labor productivity, reducing damages and accidents and helping your operation run more smoothly – ultimately making your customers happier.

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Meeting Your Application Needs

To achieve advanced automation, you need a solution that is truly adaptable to meet your exact needs, not the other way around. That’s why Yale® Robotic Lift Trucks, Driven by Balyo, are so unique, allowing you to: adjust routes in real-time with infrastructure-free navigation; run with zero, partial or full integration with facility WMS; achieve superior maneuverability with enhanced movement in tight spaces; and switch to manual mode with the touch of a button.

Not Ready to Adopt Robotics? Think Again!

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