Be proactive and keep your manual jacks in tip top shape. Following this simple checklist can help prolong the total lifespan of your equipment and help prevent workplace accidents and injuries.

1. Visual Check

Check for structural deformation or cracks of arms, forks or any other component.

2. Push-rods

Verify that push-rods beneath each fork are accurately adjusted to ensure that forks are level.

3. Cracked Seals

Seals within the pump can crack over time or dry up due to non-use of the truck. Leaking oil is often a sign of a cracked seal. This can be remedied by replacing the damaged seal.

Yale Pallet Jack

4. Oil Level

Check to ensure that the pump has sufficient oil in the reservoir. If oil is too low or too high, the truck may not work properly. Add or drain oil as needed.

5. Handle Chain/Nut

Check that the chain is securely fastened to the foot level using two nuts. If chain is loose or has become detached, the handle release lever will not function.

6. Grease Fittings

Check that all grease fittings are properly lubricated. Apply additional grease as needed.

7. Steer Wheels/Load Rollers

Check for high wear or peeling of polyurethane that occur over time or from use on rough surfaces.

8. Bearings

Check to ensure that bearings are well lubricated and functioning properly. Bearings can become de-lubricated over time or from use in wet applications.

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