Industrial Vehicle Rentals

Whether you work in a warehouse or at a construction site, the industrial vehicles you use are crucial to ensuring your team stays efficient and completes jobs on time. When you need to add more vehicles to your fleet, consider renting them from Barclay. We provide industrial vehicle rentals to help companies obtain solutions for all their material handling needs.

Benefits of Renting Industrial Vehicles

Renting vehicles offers many benefits compared to purchasing new ones for your fleet. It's an excellent option whether you need to add a capability for a single project or expand your fleet for a limited time. Other benefits of renting industrial equipment include:

  • Cost-effective: You only have to pay for what you use when renting industrial vehicles. Your expenses depend on how long you need the equipment, and the dealer retains responsibility for compliance and maintenance fees.
  • Flexibility: When you rent, you can maximize your machines' availability by using a rental at one job site while the one you already have remains at another location. Rentals allow you to use a similar machine whenever you need it without worrying about where it must go first.
  • Extensive range: Our aerial lift rental fleet is the largest in New Jersey.
  • Flexible plans: We offer short- and long-term rental plans, including rates for rentals by the day, week or month.
  • Equipment in premium condition: To ensure our fleet is safe and well-maintained, we regularly service and inspect our equipment.
  • Expert guidance: With our highly skilled team comprising the most gold-certified service technicians in the Tri-State area, you know you're in expert hands.

Industrial Vehicle Rental Options

At Barclay, we offer rentals from top brands, like Taylor Dunn, for companies in New Jersey. Choose from various industrial vehicle options, like:

  • Burden carriers
  • Personnel carriers
  • Industrial tow tractors
  • Utility vehicles

We are proud to provide industrial cart rentals in New Jersey. Enjoy sourcing all your rental equipment from a single source with our wide selection.

Taylor Dunn orange utility vehicle

Why Rent Industrial Vehicles From Barclay?

Regardless of why you're renting, you can trust to receive material handling equipment solutions from Barclay. We're known for better service and take pride in helping you obtain the necessary equipment to succeed. When you rent industrial vehicles from Barclay, you enjoy benefits like:

  • Working with experts: Our team has experience with all the products we supply, so feel free to ask questions to learn more about our equipment. We also have gold-certified technicians who maintain every machine, making us a reliable supplier of dependable machinery.
  • Accessing a large selection of equipment: We carry a wide selection of rental equipment, helping you receive vehicles that match your needs. As your one-stop shop for material handling equipment, we have machines from various brands so you can choose the best model for your needs.
  • Using quality equipment: Our team maintains every piece of equipment to ensure it remains in good condition. Experience minimal downtime and feel more confident knowing your team has access to dependable machinery.
  • Having flexible solutions: Barclay offers multiple rental plans so you can use the equipment as long as it fits your needs. We provide rentals for short- and long-term solutions.

Explore Our Industrial Vehicle Rental Options

Ensure you obtain rental industrial vehicles matching your company's needs when renting from Barclay in New Jersey. We are your trusted source for material handling equipment, ready to help you find a solution. Learn more about our industrial vehicle rental options when you complete our contact form today. A representative will connect with you to begin the rental process.