Sweeper and Scrubber Rentals

Keep your facility's floors clean using top-quality sweepers and scrubbers. When your current machine is undergoing maintenance or you need another model to help you complete cleaning tasks faster, renting equipment may be your solution. Barclay is here whenever you need floor care equipment rentals in New Jersey. We carry industrial floor care machines to help you maintain your warehouse and ensure the safety of employees.

Benefits of Renting Floor Scrubbers and Sweepers

When you need industrial cleaning machines to care for your floors but only sometimes need a scrubber or sweeper, renting is your solution for accessing both machines when required. Rental equipment provides companies with several benefits, including:

  • Save money: Renting is more cost-effective than buying and owning floor care machines. You avoid the additional expenses of maintenance, repairs and storage solutions because your rental company manages those costs and requirements.
  • Flexibility: Get the specific floor care machine you need when you need it by renting the equipment instead of owning it. Rentals allow more flexibility in your cleaning procedures because once you finish using a scrubber, you can return it to the dealer and rent a sweeper instead.
  • Latest technology: You get the opportunity to use machines with the latest technology when you rent. Whether you need advanced features or want to test a cutting-edge model before buying, a rental can meet your needs.

Types of Industrial Floor Rental Machines

Barclay has an extensive collection of rental equipment you can use to care for your building's floors. We understand buildings have various needs, so we ensure you find a machine that fits your specifications, regardless of your facility's size. Our inventory includes:

  • Scrubbers: Clean floors using an industrial floor scrubber rental in New Jersey. Our inventory of scrubbers has several models, including walk-behinds, stand-ons, robotics and ride-ons. Make scrubbing the floors easier with a machine that suits your needs.
  • Sweepers: When you need a machine to clean debris and dirt in your warehouse or facility, an industrial floor sweeper is your solution. We supply several industrial sweeper rentals in New Jersey to help companies keep their floors clean. Our sweeper models include ride-ons, walk-behinds and compact machines.

We also have commercial-duty floor machines for granite, marble and terrazzo floors.

KarcherB300 floor scrubber

Why Rent From Barclay?

Barclay offers rental solutions that give companies access to quality cleaning machines when needed. We understand you need reliable equipment to keep your warehouse or facility clean, so we take pride in carrying top brands like Kärcher.

We'll help you find the machines you're looking for. Our team is highly experienced in working with each of our products, so you can rest assured that we'll provide a solution that matches your needs. You don't need to worry about maintenance when you rent from us. Our team of gold-certified technicians regularly maintains our rental equipment, ensuring it meets safety and operation requirements.

Additionally, we provide flexibility with our rental plans. You can get equipment short- or long-term, depending on your needs.

Begin Your Floor Care Equipment Rentals Today

Rent your industrial floor scrubbers and sweepers in New Jersey when you visit Barclay. We'll help you get the necessary machines to keep your floors clean. Get started with your floor care equipment rental by filling out our rental contact form and speaking with a representative today.