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Loading dock shown from outside

Whether your business is transporting or receiving, at one point or another you’ll make use of a loading dock. As a business owner, you know how busy and sometimes chaotic the loading dock can get. Even with everyone on full alert and following all the rules and regulations, accidents happen, and oftentimes they’re the result of faulty equipment or poor maintenance. Loading dock equipment should be maintained at regular intervals by a team of qualified experts. Located in South Plainfield, New Jersey, Barclay Brand Ferdon provides loading dock equipment and maintenance for facilities in and around North Jersey, Ocean County, and areas of New York. 

Our Products and Services

The loading dock isn’t a simple in-and-out area – it’s a complex system of moving parts designed to load and unload trucks of varying shapes, sizes, and heights. That’s why we offer installation and maintenance services plus an array of high-quality loading dock equipment, including the following:

Hydraulic dock leveler

Dock Levelers

Dock levelers are used to set the bed of the truck so that it’s level with the dock. Docking areas with gaps between the truck and loading area are a common cause of workplace injury, so be sure to install a dock leveler or allow us to help you maintain the one you already have.

Loading dock sealers

Docking Door Seals

Even after you close the dock doors, there’s still a possibility bugs and small animals can make their way into your docking area. On top of that, gaps in the door or doors that don’t close properly cause drafts, which lead to spikes in your energy bill. For these reasons, you should consider installing and maintaining seals for your loading dock doors. Here are some of the products we have to offer:

  • Cold storage doors
  • Fire doors
  • High-speed doors
  • Impact doors
  • Insect doors
  • Strip curtains
Loading dock curtains

Docking Bay Strip Curtain

Protection works best when it’s layered, which is why we also provide strip curtains for your loading area that work in tandem with door seals. Curtains like these prevent additional debris, birds, and other hazardous elements from making their way into your loading bay.

Contact Us for High-Quality Loading Dock Equipment and Maintenance

If you’re looking for new loading dock equipment or want to service your existing equipment to ensure your employees’ safety, Barclay Brand Ferdon provides service and installation for every aspect of your loading bay. Contact us today for more information about our services in North Jersey, Ocean County, and areas of New York, or request a quote from one of our experienced professionals.