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Yale Warehouse Lift Trucks

Yale truly offers The Most Complete Line of Fork Lift Trucks.  From 3,000 lb. to 36,000 lb. capacity forklifts, reach trucks to order pickers, Barclay can supply the right truck for your application.  Yale is developing and producing lift trucks that improve efficiency and reduce energy consumption for our customers operations. 
pallet truck
  • Horizontal transport over short and long distances
  • Fly-by-wore power steering
  • Low step height
  • AC drive motor
pallet stacker
  • High performance in the smallest areas
  • Developed to optimize operations in the space required
order selector
  • Faster, more accurate order picking
  • Quiet, effortless operation 
  • An abundance of features for the operator
reach trucks
  • Application proven for efficiency, performance, and reliability
  • Innovative engineering for unsurpassed visibility and solid construction
  • Canbus Controller
very narrow aisle
  • Maximum storage density
  • Spotlighted for high density warehousing
tow trucks
  • Horizontal transport
  • Short and long distances
  • Ideal for intensive manufacturing processes
3 wheel electric
  • Ergonomically advanced and productive
  • Versatile, highly maneuverable
  • Fully loaded with productivity enhancing features
4 wheel electric
  • High performance and energy efficient
  • Available in a range of voltage options in both conventional and drop battery box designs
  • Ideal for a wide variety of demanding applications
ic cushion
  • Designed for productivity
  • Developed specifically for high lift applications in confined areas
  • High levels of productivity, operator ergonomics and dependability


Download Yale Warehouse Solutions Brochure (.pdf)

recycle_logoConsidering Reducing Your Carbon Footprint?  Let us help you calculate the savings by converting your fossil fuel powered forklift trucks to electric. Independent studies on energy consumption have projected annual operational cost reductions averaging $1,900 per unit* for companies that convert their LP forklift fleet to electric power!  That’s $142,500 for a 15 truck fleet over the next 5 years.  You might be surprised to find out that over 67% of new forklifts purchased in 2009 were electric powered.

When utilizing Yale’s new NexGen line of electric forklifts, the above savings are often augmented by improvement in productivity, space utilization and maintenance costs.  We can help calculate your specific cost savings based on the number of trucks in your fleet and the unique details of your application.

With Yale’s recent advances in electric forklift technology, Zero Battery Change options for most multi-shift operations and the continually increasing cost of LPG fuel over the last decade find the cost metrics behind fleet conversion have changed significantly. 

Click here to request a FREE analysis to help your company investigate the potential cost savings opportunities of Electric Fleet Conversion.

GO GREEN.  The reduction of harmful NOX emissions inside production and warehouse facilities has been mandated by the EPA long term.  Converting to an electric fleet eliminates lift truck NOX emissions.  It also reduces your carbon footprint by approximately 14,000 lbs of carbon dioxide and over 6,200 lbs of carbon monoxide per unit annually. *

* Note – research and data supplied by Electric Power Research Institute (EPRI).

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