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Motorized and manual pallet jacks are the sturdy and dependable workers for many applications, ranging from shipping & receiving to staging pallets within the warehouse to trailer loading and unloading and direct store delivery. Electric walk behind Pallet Stackers enable lift capability into pallet racking and offer a simple solution to improving storage space. Yale motorized and manual pallet jacks are designed to fill a wide range of your warehouse applications.

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yale barclay manual pallet jack

Manual Pallet Jacks Are Simple & Versatile

Providing incomparable maneuverability for a wide array of warehouse and offsite applications, the Yale manual pallet jacks are standard with a cushioned handle for operator comfort, rollers to prevent pushing and pulling on entry and exit and a handle bolt designed for easy assembly and removal. Ideal for short distance loading and unloading of trailers, these Yale pallet jacks are efficient and general purpose.

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Superior Maneuverability With Electric Pallet Jacks

Yale's motorized pallet jack is "Made in the USA." It offers the industries "Best In Class" features like Smart Slow Down which engages when the jack goes into a turn, reducing the chance of dumping the load. The Smart Lift feature allows the operator to start moving the load before it is at full lift increasing operational efficiency. A small footprint provides "best in class" pin wheeling in trailers avoiding operator injury and product damage. Maintenance free power options such as NexSys thin plate technology is a perfect option for more demanding applications.

yale mpb motorized hand pallet jack

Retail Store Delivery Pallet Jacks

The Direct Store Delivery option is an innovative design that features a special handle that provides optimum control for handling loads in and out of trailers and better manoeuvrability in tight retail store aisles. A lithium-Ion battery pack offers "on-the-go" charging flexibility and maintenance free productivity. This pallet jack is built for industries like food, beverage and personal care products who bypass the DC and speed delivery for high demand products directly to the retail stores.

yale mrw apllet reach stacker

Pallet Stackers

Comfort, safety and optimized productivity are built into every Yale pallet stacker. There's a Yale pallet stacker for every warehouse situation from straddle, counterbalanced to reach. All Yale pallet stackers are designed with innovative technology to reduce operator fatigue, leading to higher productivity and efficiency. As always, reliability and durability with low maintenance are the hallmark of Yale equipment.

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