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Food Safety Training Seminars are Ideal For Companies in Food or Beverage:  Distribution, Manufacturing, Packaging, Shipping & Handling, Safety Managers, Facility Managers, Plant Managers, Warehouse Managers, Operations Personnel

In December 2010 the US Senate passed the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA).  This new law affects the entire food supply chain from farm to dinner table.  It allows the FDA/USDA to create system based prevention and will use 21stcentury food safety systems.  These systems will make everyone in the global food chain responsible for and accountable for the safety of the food supply chain

This 4-hour session is focused on reviewing the impact of the new FSMA law & how it will affect regulatory affairs.  In the US, the FDA & the USDA are the regulatory agencies that inspect food handling facilities including warehousing, manufacturing & packaging.  They have the authority to inspect companies that engage in interstate commerce as well as companies that export to the US.  They are authorized to inspect equipment, materials, vehicles, containers and specific records.  Regulatory inspections are a legal activity.  Plant personnel must understand the government’s authority and implications of their behavior during & after an inspection.   Discussion on the Public Health Security and Bioterrorism Preparedness and Response Act of 2002, Food Defense Programs and Maintaining Site security for grounds and buildings is part of an effective program will also be highlighted.

AIB Food Safety Best Practices:

AIB is an internationally recognized Food Safety audit organization.

All employees in the food industry must help implement the food safety laws. Every manufacturer, distributor, shipper, handler, and all warehouse personnel must understand and follow a strict guideline. Millions of people depend on you and your team to provide a safe product. Training and education are an integral part of that process.

This 4-hour session is focused on AIB Food Safety Practices for companies in the food industry, especially in grocery or beverage processing, packaging or storage distribution centers.  It is designed to assist in the preparation for future AIB International audits.  AIB is an internationally recognized Food Safety Audit organization.  The program is intended to help attendees keep up to date on the ever-changing safety laws & guidelines of the food and beverage industry.  The seminar will provide a variety of training techniques to assist in passing an AIB safety audit.  Emphasis will be on sanitation, pest control programs, record keeping, training requirements and current regulations.  In addition, the seminar will touch on building and grounds walkthrough checklists, customer complaints, as well as food plant defense, recall, traceability and hazard communication programs.

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About the Instructor: 

Howard ScwenzerHoward Schwenzer is an authorized OSHA Outreach Trainer and AIB Certified Food Defense Coordinator.  He has over 25 years of experience in warehousing & distribution with heavy concentration in food & beverage and holds a BA in History & Economics from Kean University. 

He has directed facilities as large as 460k sq ft and achieved a Superior Rating from AIB on two food safety audits. Howard believes & follows a “Safety First Model".

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