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yale MX forklift most productive forklift

Yale MX Forklift - The Most Versatile & Productive Forklift On The Market

Barclay Brand Ferdon in South Plainfield, New Jersey, is proud to offer the most productive Yale® forklift -- the Yale MX! Now you can get one truck that practically does it all. From indoor warehouse applications, cross dock to outdoor yard materials handling, these forklifts can be configured to meet most any application. This is the most cost-effective lift truck available with proven dependability and greater uptime to increase your productivity and meet all your daily deadlines.

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Yale MX – Proven Best Value

Your fast-paced supply chain requires material handling equipment that’s up to any task. From ramping up your manufacturing output to keeping your shelves stocked, the Yale GP040-060MX series offers the versatility to get any job done. Tested against the leading competition, the Yale GPMX used 14.4 % Less Fuel, Moved 2.9% More Loads and handled the toughest grades with 20.4% more power.

save fuelUsed 14.4% Less Fuel

With over 2,000 hours of operation, that means as much as 400 fewer gallons – which is a savings up to $5,000 per truck per year.

more loadsMoved 2.9% More Loads

This works out to be 21 more loads over a single seven-hour shift, and 6,000 more loads over 2,000 hours of equipment operation.

yale mx strength

20.4% More Power

Most forklifts can handle a 15% grade, but if you need more power for the toughest grades, look no further than the Yale MX.

yale mx forklift

Order the Yale MX

When tested against its top competitor, there’s no denying the Yale MX is the superior choice. It gives you everything you want from a name you can trust. Barclay Brand Ferdon maintains a large inventory of new, pre-owned and rental equipment, including the dynamic Yale MX forklift. Contact us at 908-223-8580 for more information on how the Yale MX Series can elevate your operation and improve your productivity.