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outdoor warehouse dock storage equipment racking

At Barclay, we’ve partnered with some of the industry’s best-known names for material handling solutions in your outdoor yard. If your job is moving and storing building materials – from lumber to brick to stone – let the professionals at Barclay find the right combination of fleet equipment, racking and fleet protection to ensure you maximize your operations and increase your ROI.

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yale large outdoor forklift

Lift It!

From Yale® pneumatic ICE forklifts to Sellick rough terrain forklifts, we’ve got the selection to make sure your yard is optimizing capabilities while promoting efficiency and productivity. Many building material industries constantly move long and awkward loads. At Barclay, we’ve got the right equipment and the professional experience to make sure you are getting the biggest bang for your buck while keeping safety and product protection at the forefront.

outdoor pallet racking cantelever

Stack It!

At Barclay, we’ve got racking storage systems designed and built to withstand the tough conditions of your yard and product. Our cantilever racking is perfect for dealing with products such as piping, tubing and lumber and other awkward shapes and sizes. Plus, with our experience, we can help you keep it flexible for when you need to change it up.

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Protect It!

Your material handling fleet represents a hefty investment so you’ll want to protect that investment, especially if your equipment is working outside or in rugged conditions. At Barclay, we have a selection of forklift seat covers, cab covers and fork covers so your expensive investment is protected while working in an outdoor environment. Weather, rain and debris can quickly degrade equipment, so let us help you decide a budget-friendly way to protect it.