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explosion proof forklifts and equipment

Do you need forklifts and other material handling equipment rated for working in an explosive environment? Do you know what those environments are? Before getting yourself into a potentially dangerous situation, not to mention fines and other penalties assessed for using equipment that is not rated EX in these situations, let the professionals at Barclay answer your questions. We are proud partners with Excalibur Miretti, a global EX solutions provider.

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ex proof environments equipment forklifts

What Is An Explosive (EX) Environment?

An EX area is an environment where flammable liquids, vapors, gases or combustible dusts are likely to occur in quantities sufficient to cause a fire or explosion. Several regulatory agencies, state and federal, determine areas that are potentially EX areas and thus require the use of EX equipment. Some of those industries include aerospace, automotive, chemical, construction, distilling, explosives and munitions, mining and coal, nuclear power, paint, petroleum, pharmaceutical and plastics.

explosion proof forklift

Explosion Proof (EX) Material Handling Equipment

At Barclay, we have experts who can help you decide if you need an EX forklift or other material handling equipment. We carry a variety of EX rated equipment for lease, short-term rental or to purchase with options to suit your facility.

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