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Let us help you create a safer workplace. In addition to OSHA compliance training, the team of regulatory experts from Barclay Brand Ferdon has put together a series of videos with a focus on safety to help keep you and your employees informed. We provide solutions for creating positive workplaces for companies from the lower New York region to Middlesex and Ocean Counties in New Jersey. Whether you're interested in forklift safety procedures or implementing a personal protection program, our videos can help you learn more about how to alleviate common areas of concern and maintain OSHA compliance throughout your company.

Slips, Trips, and Falls Safety Video

Slips, trips, and falls are a major concern in an active workplace. They cause the majority of general industry accidents and are a contributing factor to accidental deaths on the job. It's the employer's responsibility to identify hazards and put OSHA-compliant protections in place that create a safer environment for every employee. In this video, our experts clearly identify the conditions that commonly lead to injuries and what you can do about them, such as:

  • Keeping work areas clean
  • Guarding floor and wall openings
  • Ensuring walking/working surfaces are structurally sound
  • Installing stairwell protection
  • Training workers about job hazards

Take steps today to foster a safer workplace. For more information on fall protection on the job, our team is ready to help.

OSHA Rules for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE)

Personal protection is an integral part of a safer workplace. PPE is your last line of defense against injury and can protect you from molten metal, biohazards, harsh chemicals, and other potential hazards. Employers are responsible for performing regular hazard assessments and supplying the appropriate PPE to employees, which follows OSHA guidelines. This video covers the safe and effective use of PPE, including:

  • Instances of when PPE is necessary
  • Types of PPE used in the workplace
  • Implementing and maintaining a PPE program
  • OSHA safety guidelines

Learn more about implementing the proper PPE program for your company with help from our team of experts.

Think Safe, Work Safe, and Be Safe with Barclay Brand Ferdon

Utilize the tips in these safety videos to help protect your employees on the job, and be sure to explore the available forklift operator training programs and specialized safety training classes on our current schedule. For more information on the OSHA-compliant safety training classes offered to employers in Northern NJ and surrounding counties in NY, contact Barclay Brand Ferdon today.