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Modular Walls & Building Systems Offer Flexibility Over Construction

Cost 33% Less. Install 75% Faster.

With a 33% less cost than construction and a 75% faster installation than construction, using modular walls, offices and building systems just makes sense in today’s constantly changing warehouse operations.

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Barclay’s modular wall and building system solutions incorporate innovative construction, that allows for quick and easy installation, easy removal and reconfiguration and the ability to use over and over. It is the ultimate in flexibility, with absolutely no sacrifice in quality. Our solutions include interior walls, doors, stairs, windows and all the electrical wiring to make them fully functional.

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We offer a wide range of wall types. Aesthetically pleasing, we can provide vinyl walls for your front office, or complex of offices, value walls for back offices, rugged steel faced walls for factory floors and clean rooms. Even two story offices are not off the table if that’s what you need.

Advantages Over Conventional Construction

Just a few of the advantages that Barclay modular space solutions offer include versatility because the components are easily adaptable to warehouse changes; quick and clean installation; reduced time, money and labor costs; consistent quality and appearance; low maintenance, environmentally friendly; and a faster ROI.

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