These Old Yale’s just keep on going and have a truly incredible history. Built between 1938 and 1940, these machines were originally nicknamed coffin carriers because their primary job was to carry the coffins of fallen troops during World War II.

After the war they were used at Penn Station to carry luggage from the trains to the luggage pick up area and were generally favored because of their perfect fit between the train and platform wall, making them invaluable.

Thanks to Barclay’s team of talented technicians, the machines have gone through major transformations over the years to keep them current and running. The flat bed machines, which operate from only one side, had giant switches inside the control boxes, which were extremely old, worn out and out dated. Barclay converted all the machines to EV100 systems. This upgrade eliminated all of the counterproductive parts. It also changed the control system from multiple contacts, switches, handles and levers to one handle to operate, one switch and 1 wire harness.

The double ender machines are incredible. Those machines had the same type of set up. Multiple switches and contacts, but these also had a ton of levers and rods, which connected one end to the other. Barclay again converted all the trucks to EV100. Eliminated all of the rods and contactors and now the machines have unique single switches on either end which make for a super-efficient system.

Because these machines are so old parts were impossible to come by, which resulted in our talented team making the parts themselves or having them made by a fabricator.

We are pleased to say that these machines are still chugging away and are honored to have been a part of this transformation.