Yale Material Handling Corporation stays ahead of the competition, releasing multiple truck updates and new products to the North American this past few months. The introduction of these new product updates further expands Yale’s Class III product line of lift trucks available to the North American market for warehouse applications.

Yale M050T Tow TractorYale’s New Warehouse M050T Tow Tractors

Always looking to stay ahead of the competition Yale released their new warehouse M050T high capacity tow truck.  This robust compact machine comes with a 10,000 pound towing capacity and improved ergonomics. Also newly introduced the Yale M025 is a new 5,500 lbs. capacity multi-level order picker designed to allow operators to pick loads at first or second level racking positions. The Yale M025 allows for operators to work untethered at an elevated position hands free by foot operated controls. The M050T tow tractor is a cost effective, efficient and an effective solution to intensive manufacturing and warehousing processes, useful in horizontal transport over both long and short distances.

reach trucksWarehouse Lineup Yale Order Pickers, Reach Trucks & 3-Wheeled Trucks Updated

Yale announced that their warehouse lift truck lineup, their order pickers, reach trucks, and three-wheeled trucks will be the first to be outfitted with their new Yale iSi Technology. This new iSi Technology was engineered to increase lift truck performance and operator efficiency, through modifications via an onboard display panel. This new interface will offer diagnostics and battery runtime while providing operators four selectable performance modes that ensure equipment is operating at optimal efficiency.

Yale Class II Reach Truck Ergonomic Updates

Yale improves ergonomics on Class II lift trucks with newly designed operator compartments. The new designs allow for operators to easily switch between different models and brands eliminating the time it takes to lean and adjust to different compartments.

Improved Features In The New Side Stance Handle Design Include:

  • Proportional Control Functions
  • Precise Load Positioning That Increases Operator Productivity
  • Adjustable Functions Fit Operator Requirements And Application Needs
  • Separately Serviceable Contact Switches
  • Base Electronics IP67 Rated
  • Updated Handle With Weep Hole Allows Condensation To Drain
  • Optional Handle 80o F Grip Heater Available For Subzero Freezer Applications
  • Stable Support For Challenging Needs Of Lift Truck Operators
  • Standard Adjustable Armrest And Backrest

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