Yale Experience Center

With the opening of its brand new Experience Center in Charlotte, N.C., Yale has taken brand engagement to a whole new level when it comes to bringing together the past, present and future of its lift trucks. 

The Experience Center is a state of the art facility where customers, dealers and employees can come to learn about the Yale brand and mission while interacting with Yale lift trucks in real life scenarios.

Customers, dealers and employees alike will have access to the tools and equipment necessary to ensure maximum productivity, allowing them to fully engage with the creative solutions Yale has to offer.

The Application Showcase area offers a warehouse representation that offers efficient operation experiences, which are achieved by correctly matching the lift truck to the application, accurately calculating aisle widths and optimizing floor space using advanced storage techniques. 

Yale’s Experience Center also features training rooms that give employees, dealers and customers access to an array of learning tools and industry knowledge.

Additionally, visitors to the Yale Experience Center will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the history of the Yale brand thanks to the Heritage Gallery, a mini museum holding Yale’s history of innovation and global reach, as well as future plans and goals.

Barclay is a proud Yale distributor and looks forward to utilizing the tools made available through the Experience Center. Contact your representative today to learn more about the Yale Lift Truck solutions we offer.