Save on transportation costs. Yale MPB045VG units are able to move pallets in and out of tight areas like inside a trailer. Truck packaging affects maneuverability of equipment. Some of these factors that affect include chassis head length, chassis width, bumper profile, fork tip profile, tiller handle position. This means maneuverability is critical when pin-wheeling and loading trailers. The Yale MPB045VG offers the shortest head length in class. Providing it with first-rate maneuverability both in t loading and unloading environments.

Smart, Durable and Efficient

Yale’s MPB045VG pin-wheeling capabilities give it best in-class maneuverability when compared to competitive units. Combining the “Turtle Position” or tiller head position with other units and it’s easy to see why the MPB045VG is undefeated!  Depressing and holding the “Turtle Button” on the back side of the tiller handle which is inside the bumper handle allows for the unit to travel without the tillers being in their full upright position. This shortens the effective overall length of the unit allowing for greater pin-wheeling ability while also eliminating the need for the operator to have to find the optimal run angle which increases productivity.

Yale’s MPB045VG units also come with rear bumper and for tip profiles that assist the operator inside the trailer. This helps to optimize the angles between the unit, the trailer walls and the pallet slots. When you take this and the MPB045VG’s pin-wheeling capability which allows the truck operator to operate the handle in the full upright position allowing for right angle stacking of standard 40” x 48” pallets. Providing users 22 pallet capacity vs. 20 in a 40’ long trailer, resulting in a full 10% boost in capacity lowering transportation cost per pallet.

  • Exclusive Smart Lift™ – the Yale patented feature that increases productivity by enabling the operator to begin transporting the pallet before the unit is at full lift.
  • To further ensure that every load remains stable, the Yale® MPB-VG truck features optional Smart Slow Down™ technology.
  • The drive unit cover is comprised of a highly durable, engineered thermoplastic elastomer, which is flexible, resistant to chipping, not susceptible to rust and gives full protection of components.
  • Heavy duty torsion bar and linkage create exceptional stability.
  • The shorter, mid-mounted handle moves the operator closer to the truck, maximizing both visibility and maneuverability and gives the MPB045VG the largest run zone in the industry.

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