Yale’s motorized pallet trucks can help you move more product with less effort. Improve productivity and efficiency with the MPB045VG or the lighter duty Utilev UT15WE.

The benefits to making the switch from manual to motorized are unparalleled:

  • Increased productivity, moving more products faster
  • Savings on labor costs
  • Reduced fatigue and employee injuries
  • Reduction in Workman’s Comp costs
  • Improved Employee Morale

While manual pallet trucks used to be seen as the cost effective solution for product movement, Yale offers motorized pallet trucks at an affordable price, making them a fiscally responsible investment in addition to their optimized efficiency.

These pallet trucks feature built in batteries and charger and can easily turn in trailers or high-density areas.

Easy to use and built with advanced ergonomic features, Yale’s motorized pallet trucks also incorporate Yale iSi Technology, which allows users to match truck performance with operator skill.

Making the switch from manual to motorized pallet trucks won’t break your bank either. Barclay has a number of finance options available for all equipment purchases and offers the best price on motorized pallet jacks.

Contact your Barclay representative today to learn how you can purchase the most efficient solution for material handling needs.