Yale Introduces New Rider Jack

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When it comes to end riders, the MPE-VG series gives you more. More dependability. More productivity. More comfort. More simplicity. These electric end riders are engineered for your most demanding heavy-duty applications and for extreme operating conditions.

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Cast Aluminum Yale Handle

New Control Handle for Yale Pallet Jack

New Cast Aluminum Control Handle.
There’s tough—and then there’s really tough. Our durable composite control handle stands up to challenging applications, but sometimes even that’s not enough. For the super tough applications, there’s the incredibly durable cast aluminum handle from Yale.

Made of cast aluminum with 60% thicker ribs to ensure rigidity and stiffness.
Solid at the corners where impact is common.
Ergonomically designed hand grips for optimal operator comfort.
Testing proves our metal handle design exceeds customer expectations for durability and impact requirements.
Oversized handle tube for additional durability.

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Introducing the New GC050LX & GP050LX Lift Trucks

We’ve taken all the best things about Yale® trucks and streamlined them to create the newest additions to the Yale line of lift trucks: the GC050LX and the GP050LX. They’re moderate-duty lift trucks with everything you want from Yale trucks—smart design, solid construction and reliable performance, just to name a few. We aren’t adding the extras that you don’t need, leaving you precisely the right truck for the right application.
Chances are, you’re just using your lift truck for a few hours a day, so why pay for more truck than you need? We’ve optimized the components of the GC/GP050LX to be the right match for your specific job, making them an ideal truck for applications like these:

 General Warehousing & Distribution
 Light Manufacturing
 Beverage Distribution & Bottling
 Government & Services

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An Indoor Electric Truck for the Outdoors

New Yale ERP Bridges the Gap between Outdoor Internal Combustion Applications & Indoor Electric Applications.
Yale® Materials Handling Corporation is proud to announce the introduction of our new pneumatic tire, electric rider lift truck. The Yale ERP045-070VL bridges the gap between outdoor internal combustion engine applications and indoor electric applications. This truck provides a “Zero Emissions” alternative for 4,500-7,000 pound capacity indoor and outdoor applications.

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