Increase Warehouse Slot Locations while Improving Order Picking Efficiencies

Maximizing profits and maintaining labor cost within a relevant range are key objectives for any business. Being able to adjust to increased SKU counts and order demands is an essential part of increased warehouse operations but can also bring major challenges when it comes to capacity and managing accessibility. In an industry where fast and accurate order fulfillment is a crucial component of success, it is necessary to keep efficiency on the forefront.

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Rethinking Supply Chain With Yale’s MO25

When it comes to filling orders, Barclay knows that time is of the essence and customer satisfaction is a high priority. We offer the best Yale equipment with warehouse solutions that can quickly and efficiently make stock order picking a simple task. 
Yale’s MO25 multi-level Order Selector is the perfect pallet truck for the job. This first and second level order picker is efficient and cost effective, the best solution for custom orders.

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