Barclay is all about safety in the work place. That is why we offer one of the most comprehensive course selections for operator training and related industrial training in the New Jersey – New York area.  Barclay offers Safety Training classes to include OSHA compliance, forklift training, aerial equipment training, fall protection and food safety. In fact, we have proudly trained thousands of warehouse, plant and management personnel. Today’s safety tip is the first in a series of safety tips we will present over the next few weeks. The safety tips are from Yale’s respected “Forklift Safety Tips” poster that has set the industry standard for years.

Today’s tips are as follows:

1. Safety Clothing & Training

Only operators who have completed the forklift operation skill training may operate the forklift. Wear designated work clothes and protective devices.

2. Pre-Operational Inspection

Inspect the forklift before starting work and inform the supervisor immediately if there are problems. Contact Barclay for repairs or modifications.

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