Yale Reach Truck

Consumers today demand a variety of choices forcing distribution and fulfillment centers to take on more SKUs and complexity as well as increase storage space. Fitting more product (pallet positions) into the same space by decreasing aisle widths and increasing pallet rack heights is a must for many companies to lower costs and compete.

Consumers also want products FAST putting more pressure on DC’s to streamline operations. The faster you can transport pallets and store and retrieve goods, the happier your customers. And happy customers mean more money to your bottom line. That’s why DC and Warehouse Managers must constantly explore the latest materials handling equipment. Enter – the MR Moving Mast Reach Truck Series from Yale.

Recently named a GOOD DESIGN award winner by the Chicago Athenaeum, the Yale MR lineup provides a unique solution to vertical storage in a tall reach truck design. Learn more about why this reach truck could boost your productivity by working with the experts at Barclay.

Award-Winning Design

The series features seven different models of tall reach trucks with different capacities and varying lift heights but all equipped with a robust moving mast design. The mast allows operators to handle pallets up to 41 feet in the air with incredible stability and high operator visibility providing added confidence in load retrieval and put away. As with other reach trucks, the moving mast reach is designed for narrow aisles and with the optional 360-degree steering, maneuverability is enhanced giving more accurate positioning at the rack face.


Why Choose a Yale Tall Reach Truck?

Simply put, the new MR series offers faster, more responsive performance without sacrificing operator confidence, comfort and control at higher lifting heights.

The Yale Moving Mast Design offers:

  • Narrow aisle capability with maximum travel speeds up to 8.7 mph, mast speeds to 143 feet per minute and mast lifting heights up to 502 inches increasing productivity in your business.
  • A heavy-duty mast and high visibility design that assures control and confidence to operate at higher heights and speeds.
  • Unique options including some industry firsts that enhance “precise performance” such as 360-degree steering, laser positioning, weight indicator and touch screen technology.

Discover the Yale MR Moving Mast Reach Truck Series

Explore your options for high bay, narrow aisle storage equipment. Contact us to learn more about what these trucks have to offer for your complex operational challenges. The moving mast reach truck may be just the solution for you.